About Hebrew Lessons

BY WORD OF MOUTH -   a new audio course for Hebrew students. This course is aimed at Hebrew students at the intermediate level - those who have basic knowledge of Hebrew and would like to enrich their vocabulary and start speaking Hebrew.

After this Hebrew course you will be able to speak and comprehend correct normative Hebrew, enriched by phraseology, slang, and figures of speach used by native Israelis in their everyday communications. It's a live dynamic language; language that is used in today's Israel.


This course consists of 14 lessons, 25-30 minutes each. 
We have also included a 15th bonus lesson -  Language Corner (פינה לשונית) that contains interesting phrases, figures of speech, proverbs, and idiomatic expressions used in everyday Hebrew. It's an exciting addition to the course that will enrich your Hebrew and make it sound more "native."

Active Vocabulary (המילון שלנו): new words and phrases, explained in Hebrew and, when needed, translated into English and Russian.

Text (הסיפור): personal stories, abstracts from literature, dialogues, interviews, social research and more. 

Moment of Comprehension (רגע של הבנה): exercises in language comprehension skills, based on the Text of the lesson and new active vocabulary, used in this text.

Moment of Words (רגע של מילים): exercises in learning, remembering and using new words.

Time for Gammar (זמן לדקדוק): learn and practice a few grammatical rules.

Moment of spoken Hebrew (רגע של עברית מדוברת): this part teaches you how to use figures of speach and slang of everyday Hebrew.

Time to speak Hebrew (זמן לדיבור): and here you can practice your speaking skills.



The course is modular and each lesson is a separate entity. However, it's recommended to start from the first lesson and listen to all the lessons in the suggested order, as difficulty levels slightly increase with every consequent lesson. 

You can listen to the whole lesson or each part separately. You can then go back to any part of the lesson you would like to repeat (all the lessons are divided into parts, as described above).

When doing exercises, you will hear a sound indicating that it's time for you to speak: answer the questions or repeat words and sentences. 

After that you will hear the correct answer and know immediately if your answer was right or wrong.

Besides that, PDF transcript of each lesson is available for download, so that you may read and listen at the same time. 

In a separate PDF file Active Vocabulary for each lesson is available. You may open it in a separate window or download it to your computer and go through these new words and phrases at any time.

So... don't waste your time, start learning Hebrew now




Olga Dubova - a former Senior Hebrew Language teacher at Moscow University.

Varda Yishai - a Senior Hebrew teacher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, teaching Hebrew to foreign students.


The authors of this course specialize in various fields of Hebrew language and linguistics. The exams composed by Olga Dubova and Varda Yishai bacame standard for evaluation of Hebrew language standard of knowledge in the countries of the CIS.

The Course was recorded at Eshel Studios, Tel Aviv.

Producer: Cathy Trifonov
Sound Engineer: Yaron Aldema
Actors: Yam Maayan, Noa Argov, Cathy Trifonov, Idan Rabinovitch
Music and sound effects: Yuval Oz

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